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Characterestic of CAT2Call Plus

      CAT2Call Plus is Phone-to-Phone type of IP-Phone service with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology. You can call to 154 destinations and receive calls from anywhere in the world via High speed internet or Broadband internet with at least 128 Kbps speed. It can be used with Hi-Net service, Corporate Internet service of CAT Telecom or other Internet Service Providers (ISP).
      For Dial-up users with the modem of 56 Kbps speed, it is not suitable to use this service due to the low speed connection which has an impact to the voice quality. Besides, the internet connection costs package have charged to internet connection.
      You can used CAT2Call Plus service to make calls to overseas and receive calls from anywhere in the world where even when you are abroad if you connect to broadband internet. Just bring the Internet Access Device (IAD) equipment and contact CAT Telecom for using the service.

“CAT2Call Plus” VS “CAT2Call”

      The difference between CAT2Call Plus or Phone-to-Phone and CAT2Call or PC-to-Phone is that the person who initiates the call needs to connect to the Internet with a personal computer.
      With CAT2Call Plus, you can make calls and receive calls from anywhere in the world without using your PC due to CAT2Call Plus has the phone number as home phone. And the trend of IP-Phone service will substitute the old-fashioned fixed line.






      In case of, On-Net, calls from CAT2Call Plus to CAT2Call Plus is free of charge (everywhere in the world), for calls to the Fixed line, start at 2 Baht / minute And then, for calls to everywhere in Thailand, it is only 2 Baht / minute. The rates will be shown in below table.

 Call from



 CAT2Call Plus

Fixline (Overseas)
Mobile (Overseas)

start 2 Baht
154 Destinations
More Detail
 CAT2Call Plus CAT2Call Plus  Free! Unlimit
 CAT2Call PlusFixline (Domestic)
Mobile (All Brand)
 2 Baht/minute

Equipment Needed

      To use CAT2Call Plus service, extra devices are needed. There are 3 options as follows.
      1) Internet Access Device (IAD) is a telephone adapter that connects your home phone to the Broadband internet and turns your voice into a digital signal or,
      2) IP-Phone set which is used to CAT2Call Plus service or,
      3) Equipment to connect with Private Branch Exchange (PBX) which used to distribute the inside telephone number (not nescessary for home user).


The picture shows how to connect an IP-Phone telephone or an ordinary telephone with IAD device with Broadband internet to CAT2Call Plus service.

Equipment Set-up

      If you purchase IP-Phone or IAD equipments by yourself, you should check if it can be used with the CAT2Call Plus platform. You have to configure the equipment (MAC Address) to connect to the service system. However, if you purchase the equipment from the Sales Partner, you can use the service immediately since it is already configured.

How to make a call

Postpaid Service
1. For overseas call to 154 destinations.
  => Dial 009 - Country Code - Area Code - Destination Number, for example when make a call to Japan.
2. For the destination to Thailand.
  => Dial same as the domestic call, for example when make a call to Thailand.

Patterns of CAT2Call Plus


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